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Our approach to treatment involves 3 basic steps:

1) Identify the dysfunctional movement pattern, joints involved and whether the underlying cause is a joint, soft tissue, or stability issue (SFMA, Rocktape Movement )

2) Correct the associated joint and soft tissue mobility problems (Joint manipulation/adjustment, Soft tissue mobilization, IASTM, HMT)

3) Reload and Retrain the proper movement pattern with therapeutic exercises, stretching and Rocktape



Chiropractic is a type of primary healthcare that specializes in the treatment of muscular-skeletal pain and dysfunction. The main focus of sports chiropractic care is not only to diagnose your condition but more importantly to find and correct the underlying cause of your pain. By looking at your movement patterns, how you coordinate basic movements, we can determine where there are joint restrictions and once those are identified they can be treated using a combination of joint manipulation, soft tissue mobilization and exercise rehabilitation.

Woman helping patient with elbow

Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA):

The SFMA is a movement based diagnostic system designed to assess 7 fundamental movement patterns in patients with known musculoskeletal pain. This technique allows practitioners to identify key problematic areas that affect a variety of conditions.

Kneading woman's back

Myofascial Release:

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM):

  • Made popular by the Graston Technique, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) uses a metal instrument to find and break down increased tension and scar tissue within the muscles and the fascia (connective tissue).

Hanson Muscle Therapy (HMT):

  • HMT integrates feedback from posture analysis, range of motion, and specific muscle testing to pinpoint areas of myofascial tension and/or muscular imbalance. Then uses an advanced manual technique to treat specific trigger points and acupressure points for immediate relief of pain, muscle tension, and dysfunction.

Rocktape/ Kinesiology Taping:

Kinesiology taping methods use and elastic tape to help provide stability and feedback about your joint movement and posture. The tape stimulates the nervous system through nerve endings in the skin and fascia that provided constant feedback to the brain.

therapeutic exercise

Therapeutic Exercise:

Exercises are a necessary part of treatment. Once the problem is identified and corrected, the body needs to be re-educated on how to properly move again and use the restored Range of Motion. Without therapeutic exercises, the compensatory patterns (tightness and pain) will return. These fundamental exercises help reinforce proper mechanics of joint movement.


Tuesday: 10am - 4pm

Wednesday: 10am - 4pm

Thursday: 10am - 4pm


5321 Scotts Valley Drive
Suite 101
Scotts Valley, CA 95066


Goes the EXTRA mile-I have never EVER had any previous Chiro do what Ryan does. He does NOT just adjust. He goes ALL OUT. He listens, spends A SUPER GENEROUS amount of time doing a form of amazing body work/trigger point work called HMT that relaxes my muscles BEFORE adjustment (ALL INCLUDED IN MY APPOINTMENT) and then only adjusts what is needed. Most if not all other Chiro's spend what 5 min with you? Not Dr. Ryan, minimum of 20 min worth of the most effective treatment I've ever received along with corrective exercises.

Colleen I.


Soquel, CA


I was recommended to meet Dr. Slaughter by a chiropractic student who interned in my office. I was intrigued by his focus on restoring optimal movement patterns using the Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA). It's not something I do in my practice, but I wanted to experience it in my body. I am a chiropractor, a CrossFit athlete and an avid stand up paddle boarder. Ryan evaluated me, adjusted me and game me some great exercises to help with thoracic mobility. He really helped me with some neck and upper back tightness I had. Thanks Ryan!

Goldi J.


Watsonville, CA


Ryan is one of the best chiropractor I've every worked with. He really truly cares about healing and focuses on the whole body, not just what works. With every session I learn something new about how my body works. I started going to him for persistent shoulder pain that woke me up at night. A few months later, I'm competely painfree and as long as I do the two exercises he's taught I stay painfree with full range of motion.



Scotts Valley, CA


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